How did Picture Day go for you and your kids? Let me share with you the CRAZIEST thing that happened with out boy, Ethan, on Picture Day!

You've know it's true, "life happens, after you make plans", right?

Last Wednesday was Picture Day. Picture Day was from 1 - 6. I had to work, so I made plans with my son, Ethan, to drop him and a buddy off at school. I dropped them both off a little early, at 12:30. Half-hour before everything started. They had time to hang out, walk around school, maybe make some new friends. Get their schedules and have their picture made for their ID.


I get home at the end of the day and I ask Ethan; I say, "Hey, man, how'd Picture Day go?"

He says to me, "Ummmm, yeah...I didn't get my picture taken today. The line was too long."

My shoes screeched on the floor.

Wait a second, son. Back that thing up a second. I dropped you off at 12:30. Thing didn't start until One. It was from One to Six. Your afternoon was pretty wide open it being summer break and all. The "line"? You were the line, dude! It's not the opening weekend of Suicide Squad, man. It's Picture Day! Who camps out on line for Picture Day?! Okay, okay, let's just say that Sheldon and Wil Wheaton, the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory, High School Musical and Glee are ahead of you. A) Your afternoon's wide open; and, 2) There's no way you're gonna be waiting til Six to get through any line. Unless it's maybe a Minnesota Lottery ticket line - amIright, amIright?

So, on the first day of school, MY boy is gonna get his picture made for his ID. I am so proud of him! "Here's yer sign." LOLZ!

From the Bergchives Bells, Dad and Ethan
From the Bergchives
Bells, Dad and Ethan


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