Have you heard about the hidden pink beach in Minnesota that sings to you?

Is it just me or have you ever been sucked in watching TikTok videos that you actually ended up learning something?  That's exactly what happened to me.  One minute I was watching a video of a cat doing something stupid and then I was watching a video posted by @planetwithsara about a pink beach in Minnesota that sings to you.  #TrueStory

How to find Iona Beach, the pink beach in Minnesota.

If you take a drive to the North Shore in Minnesota, you'll find a gorgeous spot called Iona Beach.  It's a bit North of Duluth and a little south of the popular spot in our state that is known as the "Black Beach".


Here's why you need to add the Pink Beach to your Minnesota Road Trip List!

Having a little getaway is nice but the views of the pink beach are the reason why you need to add this spot to your Minnesota Road Trip list!


Even when no one is here, this is an active place. Some days Superior's waves play the beach, rhythmically lifting and then dropping the flattened stones so that they fall together with a high-pitched, ringing chime that listeners have likened to singing. Meanwhile, the exposed basalt headland booms and shudders as the lake surges into crevices in the rock, steadily hollowing it out from the inside. - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Atlas Obscura has a great website with fantastic photos of the pink beach in Minnesota, along with a note that says, "this beach is a Scientific & Natural Area, which means it is not allowed to collect rocks, plants, animals, rocks, and fossils."  So, although it might be tempting to take a pink rock home as a souvenir, don't.


More great photos thanks to Instagram!

I got a little bit obsessed with this pink beach in our state and started searching all over the internet world to see more photos.  And guess what, I found more.  Check out the fun pics that daytripper28 shared on Instagram.  She was kind enough to let me add these to the story so go ahead, give her a little follow too.  I did!

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Do you know of another great spot in Minnesota that I should visit?

If you are looking for another adventure, check out the list of favorite parks in our state below.  But, if you've got another spot that you love that didn't make the list, let me know by sending me a message to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or Instagram.

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