Unless you've avoided the internet, have not gone out of your house, and haven't had a smartphone for the last week, you've without a doubt at least heard of the new ‘Pokemon Go’ game. The new app uses augmented reality to turn your smartphone into a real life Pokemon catching adventure.

People have been going nuts about the game since it came out on July 6th. Right now, if you go to a public park, or a mall, or even just look around at someone in your office, there's a good chance you'll see people looking at their phone screens to see if a Squirtle is hiding out around the corner.

The popularity of the game prompted the Duvall Police Department in Duvall, Wash. to put out a public warning about the game. With the recent police shootings in Dallas and heightened tensions around police nationwide, they wanted to make sure nobody did anything to danger themselves or others while playing the game.


If you look through the Duvall PD Facebook page, you'll see that they are pretty humorous in their postings. They made sure to keep this tone while warning people not to play the game around the police department building. They said that people had been running behind their buildings and jumping out of bushes to try to 'catch them all.'

In light of recent events, they don't want to have game players mistaken for someone trying to attack an officer. Instead, they just want people to come let them know before they go get that Pidgey hiding out in the PD's backyard.

If you look at the post on Facebook, the funniest parts seem to come from the Duvall PD in the comments sections. There are plenty of good ones, but this is definitely the very best.


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