Today's Dough-Head is from our own great state of Minnesota. In Dakota County, to be exact. And he tried the Monopoly Strategy to stay out of jail...oddly enough, it failed!

According to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, dude was arrested on a felony warrant and musta said to himself, "Hey, I know how I'll beat this!" and out from his pocket he pulled...


A Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Let's hit pause there for a second. His hand in the air, the deputies looking at him blankly. I've never had a warrant out for my arrest (well, once, but that doesn't really count. Mostly. Besides, it's a story for another day). But I would imagine it's a traumatic experience (at least on some level) and maybe your brain shuts down a bit.

Knuck bump

So, back to the story. He gives 'em the Get Out of Jail Free Card, they deputies laugh, he goes to jail. He gets a Rabe Shot, but also...a first bump, for effort.

Well, not a fist bump. Maybe a couple knuck bump. A whole fist is kinda overdoing it.




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