Rabe Shots - We're not judging, we're noticing! And I'm noticing this guy s a dough-head! 

So, you go out, have a few...then a few more, then a few few more, and the next thing you know, you're out of money. So what do you do?  You find the closest ATM and get some quick cash.

Or the closest FENCE!

I love this so very much. I love it in ways that may be unhealthy. And, I think, it's primarily the accent that makes it so great.

If it'd been Tracy saying, "James...that's not a bonk..." it wouldn't have quite the omph.


a pile of chicken nuggets on a white background

In Florida (FLORIDAAAA!) there's a woman, very much like me, that does not like having food taken from her plate. In this case, delicious chicken nuggies.

According to The Smoking Gun, the woman was feeding her baby when her brother grabbed some of the delicious nuggies from her plate!

Anyone that knows me, knows this is an attack on civility itself! So, She did the only thing she could do, she launched those nuggets like missiles! Each one launched and set to explode on impact, her brother was bombarded with nugget after nugget.

Her brother, having eaten the purloined poultry, was without recourse, until he remembered his glass of water, which he poured on his sister, hoping to cool her anger.

The battle achieved an uneasy cease-fire when their mother separated the combatants, but it was too late. The police were already on the scene.




The fine for ignoring the school bus laws go into effect today! It's way up...but do you even know the rules? Click HERE to check 'em out. 

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