Kim David in the news department found this story...what a dough-head. The police stop you, find a ton of money, and what is your excuse?  It has to be better than this yayhoos TWO lame attempts...

According to the Learfield Wire Services, "the Minnesota State Patrol continues to investigate, after arresting a car driver near Moorhead with $100,000 in suspected drug money."

So they stop the guy, and the trooper finds $85,000 in a suitcase and in a shoe box in the trunk. Plus, in the back seat of the car? Another suitcase, this one with $15,000.

First the 34 year old told troopers he sold sports items. Sells 'em for cash, right? That old line never works.

Then he changed his story and said he was a professional gambler. Awww, buddy. This is why your first excuse has to be golden. The second you use a backup, you're stuck. They know you're a liar.

Turns out the guy is from California and is linked to a Fargo Narcotics investigation.

Can you hear the sad trombone? Waa waa waa waaaaawaaawwaaawaaaaaa.