Tarsilla's Café, in Stewartville, is the most recent stop on my southeast Minnesota breakfast tour. I'm trying to eat my way thru our local restaurants, find the best ones, and let you know about it.

There's nothing like an early morning drive to have breakfast, but a mid-morning drive is just as good. So, on Saturday, when Quick Country's Paisly Dunn needed a ride to pick up her new truck I was all in. Especially when she said she'd pay for breakfast!

CREDIT: James Rabe
CREDIT: James Rabe

I've been to Tarsilla's before (and liked it), but haven't tested the Sausage Gravy promise above. Both of us order something with the gravy.  Paisley, the biscuits, and me, the country omelet. Both came slathered in their sausage gravy.

Paisley said her biscuits were nice and light, flakey, and delicious. She loved the gravy. See her happy-happy-joy-joy-face below.

My omelet was stuffed with goodness, but not so full it was too much. I liked the gravy, it had a perfect consistency and sausage to gravy ratio, but it could have had more pepper kick. So, not SE MN's best, but def in the Top Ten.


  • FOOD: Good. More pepper in gravy, please.  
  • SELECTION: Large
  • QUALITY: 3 out of 5 stars
  • CLEAN?: 100%!
  • SERVICE: Very good, super friendly
  • COFFEE: Two creams, two yellow packs.

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