Remember when the igloos were on the top of the building where Terza is in Rochester, Minnesota?  One word...MAGICAL! ✨ Such a cool way to experience a night out on a date or with friends.  I haven't heard that those are coming back anytime soon to the Med City but I did hear that a few igloos popped up about 25 minutes from Rochester.

Hidden Pines Bar & Grill
Hidden Pines Bar & Grill

Rent An Igloo in Mantorville, Minnesota For A Unique Night Out

Excitement is buzzing in frozen Southeast Minnesota because the igloos are back!  They aren't built on top of one of Rochester's downtown buildings this time but they are located in a spot with gorgeous views.

Hidden Pines Bar & Grill shared on their Facebook page that they now have igloos available to rent.  You can order food, bring games to enjoy, or even get a bucket of beer or a few bottles of wine to sip on.


Hidden Pines
Hidden Pines Bar & Grill

How Much Is It To Rent The Igloos in Mantorville, Minnesota?

The igloos are available in 2-hour time blocks and are available at the scenic Zumbro Valley Golf Course.   (Get directions to Hidden Pines Bar & Grill.)

The smaller igloo is called the "Birdie".  That will fit about 4 to 6 of your friends and it rents Sunday through Thursday for $10.  Friday and Saturday, it rents for $15.

The larger igloo is called the "Eagle".  That fits about 6 to 8 people and rents Sunday through Thursday for $15.  If you'd like to enjoy it on Friday or Saturday, it is $20.

How to Rent The Igloos at Hidden Pines Bar & Grill in Mantorville, Minnesota

The igloo would be the PERFECT way to surprise your Valentine!  If you'd love to get on the schedule, call Hidden Pines Bar & Grill at 507-635-7163.

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