Remember the end of the school year? All you wanted to do was git...out! Summer was calling your name, and you wanted to say goodbye to school for three glorious months. Well, these Mayo High School students are no different...but they'll be walking out those doors knowing they've helped make a change that'll last long after they graduate.

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We met these students last month as May's Y-105FM / Foresight Bank Cool Classroom Award Winners. See that story here. And after reviewing all the award winners this year, the judges selected the students running the Mayo High School SOS Room for the Cool Classroom of the YEAR award, which includes $500 cash from Foresight Bank!

I'm glad I didn't have to do the judging because over the school year I met so many kind, thoughtful, and focused students. Visiting the SOS Room again yesterday, I was struck with not just the work that went into it, but the idea behind it...that students "in need" shouldn't feel ashamed asking for help. There's just help available, come get it.

People have often said, "Kids are the leaders of tomorrow," and that's true. Let's not move to fast tho, or we'll miss something very important.

They're leaders today. They're making the changes they wish to see in the

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