You hear it all the time, "kids these days...: and fill in the blank with "are so selfish, so lazy, etc..." The thing is, it's not true. Every month this school year we've met amazing and vibrantly involved students. Students looking beyond their own lives, finding ways to help others get along, rise up, and move forward.

This time, Rachell, from Foresight Bank, and I visited the SOS Room at Mayo High School, and we were blown away, Trou Dunken wrote about this amazing room, saying,

"Props to the kids at Mayo High that put together the S.O.S. room. S.O.S. stands for Support our Spartans. The room, located near the school's cafeteria, is full of basic essentials that kids might not have or be able to afford - Things like school supplies, snacks, and food, feminine hygiene products and clothes. Asking for help at that age is mortifying. S.O.S, designed and operated by the Mayo Honor Society, allows kids to get what they need anonymously."


Did this include prom dresses? YES! Use the dress, bring it back. WIth the costs of prom dresses, this is huge!

My favorite thing about the SOS room? It was started by a student, it is managed by students, and it serves students. And the rest of the school uses the SOS Room, and people are not shamed for it.  Y-105FM and Foresight Bank proudly awarded the SOS Room at Mayo High School as our final Cool Classroom of the year!

Now it's time to find the Cool Classroom of the year...stay tuned to find out which monthly winner will receive the $500 award!


The Y-105FM / Foresight Bank Cool Classroom Award recognizes area students working hard to improve their school and community. Plus, they receive a $50 award! At the end of the school year, all the winners are in the running for $500 award!

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