Think of 10 people that you know.  Yes...right now.  It could be co-workers.  It could be kids that are in your own kiddos class at school.  Maybe you are thinking of ten people at church or those who are always on that shuttle bus with you on the ride into work.

Why am I asking you to find 10 people?  I wanted you to see those faces and see that number as a real person because 1 in 10 people in the area where Channel One Regional Food Bank serves is struggling to put food on the table.

Channel One Regional Food Bank, a member of Feeding America, is the largest hunger relief organization in Southeast Minnesota. Channel One provides food assistance to low-income individuals and families through the Channel One Food Shelf Program. Additionally, Channel One rescues surplus donated food product from the food industry and distributes the food to area food shelves, meal programs, group homes, and shelters throughout a 14­-county service area in Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. - Channel One website

Many know Channel One because of the location in Rochester, but did you know they also provide backpacks of food for kids in our schools?  They do, and they also have a mobile pantry that distributes foods to areas with limited access.  A program called NAPS provides supplemental food to senior citizens in need.  All of those programs and more happen at Channel One to ensure that those who need food in our area have a way to receive it.

Here's an easy way to help that 1 person who is hungry right now...Empty Bowls!  Empty Bowls is an annual event where some of our local restaurants bring their delicious soups and breads for you to eat.  Local faces and voices that you might know help serve the soups and bread to you and you get to pick the bowl you want, as a reminder of the food insecurity that many in our area are facing each day.

Here's the info so you can grab your ticket for Empty Bowls and help those who are hungry in our community:

One last piece of info is the link to the Facebook event for Empty Bowls.  Click here, grab your tickets, and send it to all of those 10 friends you were thinking about earlier.  The more people that attend, the more we can help those who are hungry in our neighborhoods.

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