Strangers.  Friends.  My kids.  Last week, everyone in the world was invited to get me completely soaked.  If you missed the fun, don't worry, it was all caught on video and you can see it if you keep on reading.  I've even got pictures  below of some Rochester celebrities that got dunked for a good cause.

I love so many things about Thursdays Downtown.  Besides the great food and seeing all the people together enjoying Rochester, I also love that we can walk around and learn more about our great town at the booths set up.  I happened to be at one of those booths helping out a few weeks ago.  Actually, it was a dunk tank and I was there to get wet.

We might be Rochester, one of the best places to live, but not everyone here actually has a place to live...including kids that are starting school in just a few days.  According to Minnesota Report Card, our district has 181 students that are registered for this school year and homeless.

The Landing is a newer nonprofit in the area that is helping be a place for those in need, to seek resources to help individuals reach a point of security and stability in their lives.  In other words, this organization is helping those that are homeless.

I have seen this organization in action and they are helping so many people.  They know the names and stories of those that are sleeping in our skyways, and instead of walking by, they are stopping to help.

Down by The Tap House, the dunk tank  was set up during Thursdays Downtown and The Landing was there to help raise money and awareness, so they can continue to do what they are doing for those who are in need in the Rochester area.  A bunch of us in the community stepped up to help and we all got soaked for this great cause - Besty Singer - KAAL, Kevin Torgerson - Olmsted County Sherrif, and one of my past co-workers, Danielle Teal.

If you missed it, all of the fun of me getting dunked was caught on video.  As you watch, laugh, and see how much fun we had, know this...the water was cold and actually, one of my feet took a bit to warm up again that night.  I'm fine and this was just a few moments where I was uncomfortable, but it was a good reminder for me that I got to go home and warm up with all of my comfy things...and many in our community don't have that luxury when they are cold.

I would have been a lot colder if it wasn't for a guy standing by the tank putting blankets on me as I waited for the next plunge. I'm truly thankful for those blankets, for him watching out for me that day...and most of the people walking by didn't know that he actually knows what the word "homeless" means in Rochester...because that is part of his story.

If you'd like to learn more about The Landing, check out their website at or find them on Facebook!

There are so many great ways that we all can help others in our community.  In September, I've got a BUNCH of fun happening as I talk about ways to #showyourlocallove  If you aren't hanging out with me on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or on Instagram, now is a good time to go hit those 'like" and "follow" buttons.  

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