Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) -The Rochester Police Dept held its annual awards ceremony Monday and recognized several officers who helped save lives and deal with other medical emergencies last year.

A number of citizens were also honored.

Among them: Andy and Kari Friederichs, owners of The Parker apartment building near the Mayo Civic Center. They were given the department’s Citizen Commendation Award for their work in transforming the former Civic Inn from a troubled property into a well-run housing operation.

According to the award presentation notes, “ The Friederichs purchased the deteriorating Civic Inn which had a reputation equally as bad, if not worse, than the condition of the building. The Friederichs remodeled the building and were intent on reversing the reputation and creating safe and affordable housing. The end result was a complete transformation of the building. This contributed to drastically reduced crime in the area and improved livability for residents and visitors.”

Here is the department’s list of honorees:

Citizen Certificate of Appreciation

Yellow Cab of Rochester

On November 8th, 2016 (Election Day) Yellow Cab Assisted a Veteran who was unable to make it to the polls which were only open for another 45 minutes. Yellow Cab assisted this gentlemen free of charge. This was a generous act and was greatly appreciated.

Salvation Army – Doug Coop, Brat Erath, Major James Frye

In 2015, the 10 block of 1st Avenue Northeast saw a significant increase in narcotics-related incidents as well as other criminal activity. The Salvation Army worked with the Rochester Police Department to create an action plan to curb criminal activity. The plan was put into place and over the next 12 months, crime was drastically reduced in the area. Major Frye, Brad and Doug should all be commended for their efforts and commitment to this process which helped make the neighborhood a safer place for everyone.


Citizen Life-Saving Award

Pamela Adamson, Amy Appel, Brianna Gillen, Dr. Joel Michelson

On October 10, 2016, a co-worker was experiencing a medical emergency. The four immediately took action, calling 911, performing CPR until first responders and paramedics arrived. The actions of these four are commendable and played a significant role in saving their co-workers life.


Citizen/Officer Life-Saving Award

Officer Greg Jeardeau (3rd Lifesaving Award), Officer Jake Matz, Officer Wade Blazejak,Thomas Roetzler

On September 10, 2016, a man was experiencing a medical emergency. Roetzler called 911 and performed CPR until officers arrived. Officers continued CPR upon their arrival and administered the Automatic External Defibrillator(AED). The victim regained consciousness and ultimately survived. This award is being presented in recognition of the quick response, teamwork and overall lifesaving efforts that were provided.


Citizen Commendation Award

Andy and Kari Friederichs, The Parker

This award is being presented to the Friederichs for their vision and dedication to transforming the Civic Inn to what is now The Parker. The Friederichs purchased the deteriorating Civic Inn which had a reputation equally as bad, if not worse, than the condition of the building. The Friederichs remodeled the building and were intent on reversing the reputation and creating safe and affordable housing. The end result was a complete transformation of the building. This contributed to drastically reduced crime in the area and improved livability for residents and visitors.

Jennifer Lucas, Southhaven Apartments

Jennifer took over management of the Southhaven Apartments in 2015 and recognized a need for change due to the level of criminal activity in the neighborhood. She worked with the Rochester Police Department Community Action Team to develop a plan to reduce crime in the neighborhood. Jennifer showed a level of determination rarely exhibited by a property manager to take on this risk and not accept anything but a successful outcome. The end result was a significant reduction in police calls and reports of nuisance activity in the area. Jennifer and the Southhaven Apartments are to be commended for their outstanding dedication to reducing crime and improving the livability of the neighborhood.

Megan Vogel, Olmsted County

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) and Olmsted County Sheriff Office (OCSO) Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program has been in place since 2007. Social Worker, Megan Vogel, has been heavily involved since the program’s inception and is presently the citizen coordinator for the CIT Program. In her role as CIT Coordinator, she works with multiple community resource agencies and the two largest law enforcement agencies in the region, facilitating intensive training that keeps officers, consumers and the program a model for other communities to follow. The RPD/OCSO CIT Program is one of only three self-sustaining programs in the state and has received state-wide recognition. The work that Megan does is invaluable and deserving of recognition.

Citizen/Department Commendation Award

Records Technicians Mary Engen, Greg Ruehl, Laura Thimijan, Jan Strauss, Sandy Schulz, Kari Berns; Evidence Technicians Chris Nelson, Colleen Olson; Communications Manager Gary Mulleneaux; Crime Analyst Rhonda Lansing Officer Jerel Mockenhaupt; Volunteers in Police Service Gary Allar and the late Dennis Heim

In the past year, the Records and Evidence Unit has experienced more than its fair share of challenges. When many individuals would have faltered, this unit has maintained an exemplary level of performance and put forth highly commendable efforts to ensure this unit’s success and uphold its reputation for service to both law enforcement and the public. This group is an asset to this department and deserves to be recognized for exemplary service and making a significant contribution to the city and county.

Department Letter of Recognition

Dispatcher Peggy Franko

On January 20, 2016, dispatcher Franko received a 911 cell phone call. The caller was unable to communicate anything to Franko. Franko has had years of experience listening to “pocket dials” from cell phones which occur on a daily basis. Her instincts told her this was not the case as she began to hear a wheezing sound. Franko was able to utilize available technology to determine latitude and longitude coordinates to find the caller’s approximate location. Responding units arrived at the location and found a female who had fallen, had chest pain and was not receiving proper oxygen flow from her tank. Without Franko’s training, expertise, instincts and experience the outcome for this citizen may not have ended well.


Officer Luke Erickson, Officer Shannon McCafferty

On December 9, 2016, Officers Erickson and McCafferty were dispatched to a medical call where a woman was in labor. When they arrived, the woman was in active labor and the baby was crowning. Officers Erickson and McCafferty immediately assisted in delivering a healthy baby boy and placed him on his mother’s chest until medical personnel could arrive.


Officer Jerel Mockenhaupt

Officer Mockenhaupt, a long-time officer with the department, recently resigned his long-standing membership on the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) and the Honor Guard. He served on the CNU since 1995 and was a member of the Honor Guard since 1997.

Community Service Officer Angela Schumacher

Community Service Officer Schumacher has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Community Service Officer training program at the Rochester Police Department. Her knowledge, dedication and attention to detail is highly valued and has played a significant role in the training and professional development of Community Service Officers.


Department Life Saving Award

Officer Ryan Jacobson

On June 27, 2016, Officer Jacobson responded to a medical call. He found family members performing CPR. Officer Jacobson deploy the AED. He then continued with CPR until relieved by first responders and medical personnel. His efforts helped save this man’s life.

Officer Doug Remling (2nd Lifesaving Award), Officer Luke Erickson

On November 11, 2016, Officers Remling and Erickson responded to a medical call. Upon arrival, the patient was found on the ground with no pulse and was not breathing. CPR was administered along with the AED. The patient was transported for further medical care and ultimately survived.

Officer Caleb Tesdahl

On July 5, 2016, Officer Tesdahl responded to a call for a man who was threatening to take his own life. Upon arrival, Officer Tesdahl built rapport with the man who was armed with a knife and developed a safe course of action for all involved. His life-saving performance kept with the highest standards and reflect a distinct credit upon himself, the department and the city of Rochester.

Department Commendation Award

Officer Greg Jeardeau

During the past year and a half, officer Jeardeau has consistently dedicated his time to maintaining a collaborative relationship with the stakeholders in the area of Center Street and 1st Ave NE. His efforts helped bring about significant public safety improvements in those areas. This dedication has dramatically reduced crime and improved the quality of life for residents in the area. His efforts are highly commendable and reflects well upon the City of Rochester and the department.


Sgt. Ryan Manguson

Sgt. Manguson is an integral part of the Rochester Police Explorer program. A former explorer himself, Sgt. Manguson now serves an elected position on the state-wide Explorer Association Board. In this capacity he oversees the state competition held in Rochester annually and works tirelessly to solicit community donations for the program; find scholarship and job opportunities for members of the Explorer Post; and increase membership. He is also instrumental in the Police Athletic League, specifically Shop with a Cop.

Officer Erik Red Hill, Officer Doug Remling (3rd Commendation Award)

On April 5, 2016, officers Red Hill and Remling assisted Olmsted County Social Services with a mentally ill person at his residence. Upon arrival, the person was uncooperative and determined to be dangerous to himself and others. Officers Red Hill and Remling were able to stabilize a violent situation while maintaining great care and respect for the person’s dignity and well-being despite the violent nature of the confrontation.


PAL Officer of the Year

Officer Jean Valere

Officer Valere has been an assistant coach for the PAL Football Program for the past ten years. His commitment involves numerous hours during the ten-week season as well as coaching games on Saturdays. Officer Valere has been a school liaison officer, assisted with Shop with a Cop, Seatbelt Challenge, and coached many youth as a Police Explorer Advisor.

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