If you are in need of a laugh today...here you go!

James Rabe and I took a little challenge.  We tend to have fun in the Y105FM studio and today our full mouths led to many laughs.  Our goal really was just to see who had the biggest mouth and we did that will a little game of Chubby Bunny.

Before we started the challenge, there were a few questions we needed to answer just to see how fair this playing field is.

  • Q.  Do you still have your wisdom teeth?  One of us still has our full set. (a.k.a. big mouth)..one of us had them taken out.  We chat about that in the video.
  • Q.  Did you ever get in trouble in school for talking too much?  Of course...we both did.  (What I didn't share is that I even got in trouble for throwing aquarium rocks across the classroom.  I know.  #badegg right here.)

So, who was the winner?  Go ahead and watch the video and cheer us on!  (WARNING: spit and drool are involved in this video...and a trash can)

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