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If you've ever wondered if fire departments still rescue cats stuck in trees, they sure do here in Rochester, Minnesota.

Shout out to all the brave men and women on the Rochester Fire Department. They're the people who run INTO burning buildings while the rest of us are running OUT. Of course, that's not ALL they do-- they also use their massive aerial ladder truck to help rescue cats here in Minnesota's Med City.

Which I thought was something that only happened on TV or in the movies. But no, it just happened Sunday. Specifically, firefighters helped rescue Turbo, the cat, who was trapped, high off the ground, between two branches of a tree. According to a post on the Rochester Fire Department's Facebook page, Turbo's owner called RFD just after 8 on Sunday morning (Mother's Day, May 9) to report that a neighborhood dog had chased Turbo up a tree, and the poor cat was now stuck.

Well, leave it to the fearless crew at RFD, who quickly deployed their aerial ladder, and promptly sent 'feline rescue specialist Firefighter Mathias Kautto ascended the ladder to bring Turbo down to safety,' the Facebook post noted.

Of course, this isn't the first time RFD has helped to rescue a frightened feline trapped high off the ground in a tree. In April of 2020, 'Firefighter 'Ketin "Kitten" Mickow climbed about 25 feet to rescue Cookie the kitten,' who was trapped in a tree.

And in May of 2020, firefighters went back into a home that had been heavily damaged by fire in southwest Rochester to rescue the family's pet cat, even using a pet rescue oxygen mask to help get the feline breathing again.

My wife and I happen to share our house with three cats of our own (Huck, Finn, and Hazel) so I'm always thankful to see all the kindness shown by the RRD crew to all the various feline friends here in Rochester. Thanks again for your service!

Of course, we're also dog fans, too-- our Australian Cattle Dog, Asher, is an alumnus of Paws and Claws Humane Society here in Rochester. And if you're a dog fan, keep scrolling to check out some amazing facts about our constant canine companions you probably didn't know!

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