A Rochester High School's STEM Society hung out with kids at the Minnesota Children's Museum of Rochester to excite young kids about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And it's not the first time they did it. This group goes all over town, at least four times a month, reach out to children. That's why the Century High School STEM Society is our latest Cool Classroom Award Winner is their dedication to outreach and mentoring!

Official Doping Center For Athens 2004 Olympic Games
Getty Images A centrifuge (used at Olympic Doping Center).

Rachell, from Foresight Bank, and I stopped by to give 'em kudos, and they set up a table showing us what they did with kids at the museum. They made a paper version of a centrifuge, a device labs use for blood tests. In poor countries and villages, they may not have the money for a centrifuge, but they can make paper versions that work and help save lives.

It's fun, it gets the children interested, and introduces them to an educational path and career they would never have otherwise considered. T. This is the very definition of helping children rise up and become the greatest version of themselves. We thank you, and I know the community thanks you, too!

The Y-105FM / Foresight Bank Cool Classroom Award recognizes area students working hard to improve their school and community. Plus, they receive a $50 award! At the end of the school year, all the winners are in the running for $500 award!

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