Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - A man who reported a home invasion at his northwest Rochester reidence earlier this week could soon be facing drug-related charges.

25-year-old Sharif Elkarib called 911 early Tuesday after finding two masked men in the basement of his home. He says one of the men pointed a gun at him before they fled. Elkarib says he followed the men but stopped when he heard a gunshot.

Officers investigating the incident saw evidence of possible drug dealing and obtained a search warrant that was executed Thursday. Officers found a small amount of marijuana, drug-related paraphernalia, a handgun and about $5,000 in cash in the home. Elkarib has not yet been charged in the case but he was arrested on a gun violation.

Elkarib has been charged in connection to an earlier incident.

Police say Elkarib and two others saw a strange man leaving an apartment they were renting Sunday night. Police say they began fighting with the man and he took out a knife and cut Elkarib above one of his eyes. The stranger - 38 year old Thomas Yennie - was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault. He told police he was defending himself against Elkarib and the two other men.

Elkarib and the other two men have now been charged with disorderly conduct.  

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