Parents, summer is weeks away which means that we will soon be hearing the phrase "I'm bored" coming out of the cute and precious faces of our little ones.  I found one activity that has kept my kids busy all summer long and has helped quiet that phrase.

Kids all over Rochester will soon be rushing out of the front doors of school with the song "Schools Out For The Summer" blaring throughout the speakers.  Ok, I do play that song for my kids when I pick them up from school on the last day because...I'm the best mom ever.  ;)

After the song plays, the backpacks are thrown to the side of the entryway and the kids kick off their tennis shoes and turn them in for flip flops...what do kids do for the next few months?  A few years ago I found the answer and it is super easy for a parent to sign on to this and is delivered to your house.  Hurry though, signing up for this activity for your kids ends on May 11th.

GRASP is a summer program designed for kids to help them continue to work on their math and reading skills and is organized through the Rochester Public Schools Community Education area.

Here is the info from their website:

GRASP Summer Academic Review (Gr. K-8)

GRASP is an academic workbook correspondence program designed for students to reinforce math and reading skills learned during the school year just completed. Students complete nine lessons in math, reading or both over the summer. Each lesson takes about one hour to complete. They mail their answer sheets to Community Education for correcting and receive their scores back in the mail. Students will receive their workbooks in the mail after the end of the current school year.

We recommend you indicate the grade the student is just completing in the 2017-18 school year. This is an opportunity to review the past year’s material.

GRASP registration deadline is May 11, 2018. Registration after the deadline will be limited as workbooks may not be available.

3090.461 Math & Reading     $67
3091.461 Math                       $38
3092.461 Reading                  $38

You can find some examples of what these workbooks include HERE.

Are you ready to register?

  • Register online, click HERE.
  • and complete a registration form, click HERE.

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