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Do you know what is truly inspiring?  Seeing kids who are passionate about helping others in our community, figuring out a plan to make it happen, and then inviting the world to help out with their great cause.  That is what is happening right now in Rochester with a group of students from Kellogg Middle School who are collecting donations and gift cards for those who are experiencing homelessness.  The drive-thru collection will be happening on Saturday, December 12th.

A few weeks ago, the Kellogg Middle School Student School Board had a desire to help out families in the Rochester area that were homeless or in transition.  They went to their principal, Mrs. McAndrews, and also spoke with the Rochester Public Schools Family Engagement Coordinator, Melissa Brandt, to figure out area organizations would be a good match for their idea.  That one idea has now led to a cash and gift card drive that will be held on Saturday, December 12th from 10am until 2pm to help out Family Promise and the Women's Shelter & Support Center in Rochester.

But wait...there's more!  The students at Kellogg Middle School did more than just come up with an idea.  They created a commercial!  The principal sent me a great note and filled me in on these impressive students.  Not only did they script the entire commercial themselves but they recorded it and did all the editing too.  You can see their masterpiece here. 

Challenge for You:  As you are out shopping for your essential items this week and getting gas at the gas station, pick up a gift card at the checkout area for this event.  If you are going by an ATM, think about getting a few extra dollars out and save those to drop off on Saturday.

As the students said in the video, they will be wearing masks during the drop-off and they'd appreciate if you did too.

I had a chance to chat virtually with Olive, one of the students who is helping organize this amazing event to help others.  She shared a few tidbits of info but also has a special message for all the students that are distance learning...and a very special message for all of the teachers.  You can watch the short video below.

Rochester, you should be proud of these students!...and now, you should spread the word with a simple "share" on Facebook or Twitter and help spread the word so their idea can turn into an amazing example of a community working together to help one another.

Do you know of another event that is happening this holiday season?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message in the Instagram world (@JessicaOnTheRadio) or on Facebook (@JessicaWilliamsOnTheRadio).

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