Rochester, MN Farmers Market Location, Hours, and FAQs

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There are so many reasons to visit the Farmers Market in Rochester, Minnesota. For starters, you will find high-quality delicious produce that is straight from the farm. It's a win-win because you're getting the freshest items possible and you're supporting a local farmer in the process. The Rochester Farmers Market is also a great place to connect with friends and discover new products.

The Rochester Farmers Market consists of approximately 100 small business owners who grow within 50 miles of Rochester, Minnesota. Each week these farmers bring a new selection of flavors to choose from because the Rochester Farmers Market is constantly evolving with the seasons.

Where is the Rochester, Minnesota Farmers Market?


The Rochester Farmers Market is located at Graham Park at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds. (35 Fairgrounds Ave SE, Rochester.)

During the fall, winter, and early spring months the market moves inside Building 35 at Graham Park. You can shop outdoors at Graham Park during the summer months. Online shopping is also available but isn't as much fun as exploring the market in person.

 When is the Rochester Minnesota Farmers Market Open?

The Rochester Farmers Market is open year-round. Visit from 9:00 AM-Noon on select Saturdays between November and April. From May until October the market is open every Saturday from 7:30 AM until Noon. You can also shop from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM every Wednesday from June 16th - September.

What Does The Rochester Farmers Market Sell?

Corn and vegetables at a farmers market

You'll find fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, crafts, concessions, canned goods, jams and more. There are approximately 100 vendors and a lot of delicious items to buy.

Does the Rochester Minnesota Farmer's Market Close If It Rains?

No, the Farmers Market is open rain or shine.

Can I Bring My Dog With To The Rochester Minnesota Farmers Market?

Minnesota health laws prohibit animals from being onsite. So, no pets are allowed into the market with service animals being the only exception.

How Can I Become A Vendor at The Rochester Minnesota Farmers Market?

Couple Running Stall At Farmers Fresh Food Market

To become a vendor you must live and work within 50 miles of Rochester and grow or raise your own products.

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