First comes the message "Reminder to replenish your student's meal account".  For many families, adding some cash to their kids' accounts is easy and done with a few clicks and a credit card.  That's not the case for all families though in our community.  That struggle to pay for school lunches has led to a balance of $83,780 at Rochester Public Schools that needs to be paid off.

According to, Liz Boldon has set up an account that is similar to a Go Fund Me page to help erase the huge debt that has accumulated.

We are working on raising funds to pay off lunch debts for students at Rochester Public Schools in Rochester, MN.

Funds will first be used to erase the debt for students receiving free lunch. You might ask how did they accrue this debt then? They likely were in full pay status before they filled out their free and reduce price lunch application. The Federal and State assistance then works from that point forward. This is a reflection of a balance from before that time.

Once that debt is erased, funds will be used for kids receiving reduced priced lunches.

Once that debt is erased, funds will be used for kids who don't qualify for free or reduced lunch (or have not yet turned in the form to get help.)

We can do this Rochester! -

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