If I could bring this woman to the studio and have her talk on the radio with me, I would.  She is a mom of two kids, nurse, wife and is someone you would connect with immediately...not only who she is but because of her story.  Her life ended earlier than anyone would expect for a young mom but her life is still having a positive impact on others today.

I had a chance to meet Erin Pendergast when she shared her testimony at my church in the fall of 2013.  That was when I first learned who she was and how she found out that she had brain cancer when she was 22 weeks along in the pregnancy of her second child.  I remember sitting with hundreds of other adults, listening to her story, seeing her tears.  There couldn't have been a dry eye in the room that day.  (You can watch her video here)

Erin's story didn't end when she passed away on April 14th, 2014.  This past weekend, friends, family, and strangers helped spread the joy that Erin showed all of us through random acts of kindness.  Orange cards were found throughout Rochester with the words "Team Erin" on the front.  The back of the card had the words:

Erin was a mother of 2 boys, wife, nurse, and friend that lost her fight with brain cancer 4 years ago today.  She had a contagious smile and a positive attitude that spread everywhere she went.

Today we are celebrating the JOY she brought to this world by spreading acts of kindness in her nonor.

We hope her memory made you smile!


Help us spread the joy and pay it forward!

Team Erin started in Rochester, MN but today, people in New York, Kansas and North Carolina are also spreading random acts of kindness with Team Erin.

You can help spread the joy too!  Check out the Facebook post (below) and download the pdf to print, spread some kindness and continue to share the joy and memory of Erin!

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