Last year about this time, one of the toughest days was coming up for all three of my kiddos...shot day at the Doctors' office.  One kid is what most parents deal with at a time but in my #momlife world...I had three.  (don't be jealous!)  As I sat in the office with the kiddos being all nervous x3, I thought, "It would be so helpful if parents had some sort of how-to for days like this!".

A mom sent in this exact question to Y105FM for our Wednesday, "Help A Mother Out" question...where we do just that.  It hit home as I read the plea for tips and suggestions from this stressed out mom that there are more parents than just myself that are looking for tips and ideas that go beyond the fruit snack bribing.

Thanks to all who chimed in on the Y105FM Facebook page and helped the mom out with this question!  Here are a few of the tips (and you can check out the entire list of tips here or below):

  • Kimberly -take a big stuffed animal she can squeeze while they do the shot. Also - don't have her look at the needle or when they do the shot!
  • Trista - Mine sat on my lap facing me and that really helped at the visit. Also use the cold spray first. Then we went out for ice cream after!!
  • Laura - Distraction time!!! Get something to pull their attention away....squeezing their hand, singing a song, a small snack during the shots.

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