A Rochester music teacher that is adored by many had a Monday of all Mondays and could use some help.

I just saw music teacher, Katie Kuisle, on Sunday.  I was at the Apache Mall with my family watching my youngest play percussion as Katie led the First Players band with a smile and a few tears.  She was conducting at her final concert as Director for First Players, a band for kids in the area.

Later that night, I posted a picture on my Instagram page with the following:

The lady in this pic is pretty amazing because...she teaches kids that have ever held an instrument how to play them. How? I have no idea. It's some sort of magical power.

Today was her last concert as Director for First Players.

Because of your handiwork and magical skill, Katie, I have a kid that plays violin, ukulele, and now guitar and another that plays percussion. I don't think my middle one has had you for a teacher (correct me if my mom brain is cloudy!) but I know you could have taught him trombone too...cause you know all things.

On Monday, Katie shared on Facebook the news that her dog, Noodles, had been really sick and wasn't eating so an emergency trip to the vet was made.  She was getting medicine for her Noodles on Monday and that is when her terrible accident took place.  She was walking in a crosswalk when a car hit her, she fell on the concrete and was in the ER for several hours.

The day got a bit worse though instead of better.

The reason why her puppy, Noodles, wasn't feeling good was because a toy was swallowed and surgery was going to be needed to get that removed.  More time at the vet was spent and more medical bills accumulated that day.

We are so thankful everyone is doing as well as they can, and improving at all times. However, this has hit us very hard financially. 2018 has already been a year of a lot of unexpected finances, and the $4,200 vet bill isn't something we can handle easily.  - GoFundMe Page for Katie, Alex, and Noodles

As of right now, the GoFundMe page to help out with the vet expenses for Noodles is at $2,172 with a goal of $4,000.  This family gives back to the community in so many ways (especially with kids and in the world of music) and now there is a chance to say "thank you" in a big way.  Check out the GoFundMe page here to learn more, donate, or just follow this family on their journey:  Noodles & Katie's Very Bad Day

Katie and Noodles GoFundMe Page
Katie and Noodles GoFundMe Page

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