This is a Kickstarter that MUST be funded. It is brilliant, it is slick and sleek, and elegant. Who needs to use a fork and a knife when you can just roll thru the slice, back up, and take a bite? Or pancakes...or bacon, or waffles, or steak, or anything! Roll on thru it, back up, take a bite.

I think we all agree this is a MUST HAVE...but here's the problem. There are only a couple days left in the funding...and it looks like it won't happen. How far off are they? Way off. As I'm writing this, they're at about $3,000 and need $10,000.

I was thinking of throwing money in, so I made a list of pros and cons.

PROS - PIZZA FORK! Also works with non-pizza items. Especially waffles. LOVE Waffles, too. Its a fork, for pizza. With a pizza slicer built in! A Pizza Fork!

CONS - I have hands! Pizza is a hand food!

The pros have it!  So, I threw some money in, maybe soon I'll be swimming in Pizza Forks (pauses to imagine the glory). If I am, then we'll have a pizza party!

ps - Why does Rochester need the Pizza Fork? Because it'd finally put us on the map. People from around the world to see and use our Pizza Forks! Business would boom!


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