I know I will be making a Target run this week...and if there is enough time, I might even make it to the grocery store for the big 'ol shopping trip for the week.  Sometimes, I have to go more than once because, well, I've got teenagers and they seem to be eating more now that school is out.  Whatever store I end up visiting, there is always something right there at the checkout...gift cards.

Those gift cards are usually my go-to for birthday gifts but we've got a place in town that is wondering if we could pick one up for them so they can continue to help more people right here in our community.  In a town of over 100,000, this should be an easy way for us to help those that are right here in our community...so let's go ahead and take this challenge and fill up the mailbox for The Women's Shelter & Support Center!

When you give gift cards, YOU are helping a family move forward towards safety.
Gas... Groceries... Personal needs... Household supplies... Baby supplies.... Basically ANY thing can be purchased with a gift card.
Thank you for your compassion for your neighbors in need.
Please share with your friends who would want to help, too!

The Women's Shelter and Support Center helps provide so many resources to battered women and children in our area, including outreach, advocacy, and housing.  The gift card that you pick up at that checkout, you may not ever know who it is has helped, but it will be there at just the moment for someone in our community.

Grab a gift card, find an envelope and stamp, and mail it to The Women's Shelter and Support Center, P.O. Box 457, Rochester, MN  55903.

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