The argument has raged for decades now; does pineapple belong on pizza? I say, of course, many say not at all, but Mr. Pizza South has settled the matter once and for all.

A fair and solid poll went on for a while on the Mr. Pizza South Facebook Page. and for a while there, it seemed like the anti-pineapple-ites were going to win. But lovers of that sweet and salty deliciousness won the day.

And it wasn't even close! 59% to 41% is a solid lead and should settle the question for all time. Thee comments showed how classy we are in Rochester. For or against, a polite and fun survey.

My go to is always ham/Canadian bacon and pineapple, but here are some others that popped up...

  • BBQ Chicken with Pineapple!
  • Pineapple and sausage!!🍕🍕
  • Pineapple & Saurkraut.
  • Pineapple ham chicken and black olives

I'm going to try them all...except the sauerkraut. I know the sweet/sour mix should be good, but sauerkraut always gives me the taste-bud-shakes.

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