Rochester, MN - (KROC AM News) - Rochester police who were called to break up a brawl late Monday night ended up arresting a woman who was caught with an Uzi.

Officers were called to the Colonial Lanes bowling alley located along Valleyhigh Dr NW near the main Post Office around 11 p.m.

A spokesman says the fight began inside the business and had moved into the parking lot when officers arrived. Some of those involved had suffered minor injuries after being hit by chairs that were thrown during the fight.

More than ten people were involved. One was 20-year-old Lou Ijong. An officer who was preparing to pat her down asked if she had any weapons and she said she had a loaded gun inside the front of her pants. After the officer found the gun, she was arrested on weapons and other charges.The gun she had is a semi-automatic 9mm Uzi model, not the machine-gun style made famous by the Israeli military.

Lou Ijong-photo from Olmsted County Sheriff's Office

The spokesman says it’s suspected the incident was gang-related and that drugs may also have been involved. He says some of those who were there are suspected members of a local street gang.

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