The last few weeks, my dining room table has been transformed into a "science board creation" area.  Scissors, glue, rubber cement, construction paper, and lots and lots of graphs and photos were sitting in the spot where we usually have our family meal.  All the supplies and boards were packed up yesterday as the kids presented and were judged on Valentine's Day and Friday, February 15th at RCTC.

The project that my child did with his friend was a continuation of a project that went to the State Science Fair last year and was about neonicotinoids.  ( child knows more about science than me...and can say that word really well.)

I asked if he had anything he wanted to say to all of the students that are participating this year because I know the nerves and stress that this event can have on the kids.  It is a competition but each child has learned so much about science, writing, presenting, and also teamwork.  That isn't possible though without people helping...and a few kids, including my son, wanted to make sure that they said "thanks".

Take a listen to what a few of the kids from Lincoln K-8 School in the Rochester Public Schools had to say on the radio...and send this on to any teacher, volunteer, or parent that you know who had a part in the Regional Science Fair this year.

Is there a specific teacher or volunteer you'd like to thank that was part of the science fair?  Let me know who it is...we could have a big shoutout "thanks" session on the radio! Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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