Imagine going to your pantry to make your favorite meal tonight is empty.  That is what is happening at several locations throughout Rochester.  Everyone reading this can help make a positive difference.  Keep reading, I'll share how you can help!

I know when I open my pantry, it is full.  I don't have any worries about if I have anything to cook, it is more of a question of "what do I pick?".  I've got chicken in the freezer, Cream of Mushroom soup (because it is a staple food in Minnesota), boxes of cereal, cans of fruit and lots and lots of tuna.  I must have also bought spices on sale at some point too because I have about 40 extra spices just sitting there waiting for me to actually cook.  Ranch dressing and peanut butter are the next biggest pantry items that are basically in the line waiting to be used next, but it won't take long with my kids.

Not every pantry in Rochester is as full as mine...and probably yours.  In fact, I know of three pantries that are needing help getting filled right now - The Little Free Pantry.  These aren't pantries that are in homes but actually outside a few local businesses and open to anyone that is in need.

We do live in an amazing city but there are many who struggle to have basic necessities each day, including food and toiletries.  By grabbing a few items from your pantry or buying a few extra items at your next visit, you will be helping people in our community that will be looking in those pantries, hoping for something inside that they can use.

Locations of the Little Free Pantry

Ideas of What To Put in the Pantry:  Non-perishable food items, toiletries of all kinds (hairspray, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc) underwear, deodorant.

Let's load these up, drop them off at the pantries and help those in our community that will be opening up these doors looking for a little bit of help.

Want to learn more about the Little Free Pantry?  We had a Q&A when this was first started.  You can read about it here.

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