People rave about yoga, but I have yet to go to an actual class. I think I finally found a class that I would 110% be on board to try. It's the most unique yoga class I've ever heard of. Here are all the details... 

Black light seems to be all the craze now a-days. Black light bowling, black light 5K's, black light kickboxing - the list is endless. Well, you can officially add black light yoga to that list, and it's happening right here in Rochester!

According to the Facebook event page, "the classes are dark, the music is loud, the verbal cueing is motivational and intentional. There is very little postural adjustments. It is more about flowing, regardless of perfect alignment. There are many different ways to connect to self and find healing and have fun doing it!"

The class is happening at the end of the month (August 27th) at Urban Yoga Minnesota. The studio is on 37th Street in Northwest Rochester. For more information, and to get tickets, click here.




The fine for ignoring the school bus laws went into effect yesterday! It's way up, but do you even know the rules? Click HERE to check 'em out. 

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