This is one of those situations where you wish you knew what was said before the camera was turned on, but even without it, you know this is wrong. A Rochester North Target customer, on video, called the person shooting the video a skank and an idiot because they apparently weren't wearing a mask.

Click for link.
Click for link.

You can watch the video here on Spotted in Rochester.  You can read the comments, but cannot comment in the thread.

Yesterday, I shared a video of a person being wildly rude and wishing death upon the Rochester Jimmy Johns employees. See that story here.

It is beyond understanding people being rude like this during the pandemic when we need it other the most. Calling someone a skank and an idiot because they're not wearing a mask? If you're hoping to make yourself feel good for a few seconds, you'll get that rush. If you're hoping to change someone's behavior or mind, you will NOT succeed.

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"But he called them a skank, didn't wish them dead!" Being gross is not OK no matter which side you're rooting for.

Well, What Am I Supposed To Do Then?

There's a technique that's been used for decades to help deescalate tense situations. Could be at home, over Thanksgiving dinner when Uncle Charlie is itching to start a fight, it could be in the grocery store and you see a masked or unmasked person.

Two words and the problem is solved. Don't engage.  In the video I shared yesterday, the restaurant staff did not engage in any meaningful way, which is what aggressors want. They need something to "fight against." When you don't engage, just walk on by, they're robbed of that exciting fuel.

I don't recommend reading the comments on the video linked above. They're a monkey's paradise (poop flying everywhere). 

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