How does your Rochester utility bill look? Somewhere around $195 a month? If it does, that means, according to DOXO, you're paying way less than the national average, so huzzah!


To get as high as the national average, your utility bill would have to hit $316 a month. Even with higher utility bills coming in Rochester, we probably won't hit that high number.

(October 26, 2021) The Rochester Public Utilities Board today approved a new budget for next year that includes water and electric rate increases. Read More: Rochester Public Utilities Board Approves Higher Rates

But I Pay Over $200 to Charter Each Month, Aren't They A Utility?

Alexander Shelegov

According to DOXO, utilities would be the basics. Electricity, heating, cooling, water. However, the NUMBEO cost of living calculator says utilities are far more than water, heat, electricity, etc.

NUMBEO - Click for link.

Utilities must at least include phone, access to the internet machine, and cable, right? And, if that's the case, using just the old fashioned basic utility costs hides the real picture.

So yeah, if you're talking cost of utilities from the UTILITY companies, Rochester is lower than the national average. But, when you add cable, internet, and cell phone (arguably basic utilities in 2021), you're up and maybe even over the $316 national average for utilities.


How close are you to the national average? Drop me a line.

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