You would think that your purse, sitting on the back of your chair at Panera North would be safe from sticky fingers.  Unfortunately, a woman in Rochester recently had her wallet stolen out of her purse while her purse was next to her, the entire time.

Hey Rochester- I had lunch at Panera North with a friend today. Someone stole my wallet out of my purse while it was hanging on my chair! I never left my purse unattended!! The police are working on identifying the couple but beware!! Within about 45 minutes they had split up and made about $2000 in charges in north and south Rochester. - Carrie Brand's Facebook page

Having our personal items stolen from us should not be something we need to worry about.  Sorry, Carrie!  I know dealing with the aftermath of all of this is just a headache.

Below are a few tips that may help you avoid someone's sticky fingers:

  • At the Grocery Store:  I always see people at the grocery stores that leave their cart for a few seconds while "they grab something".  Never leave your purse in your cart and always have it be in sight.
  • At Restaurants:  It might seem awkward but keep your purse on you, strapped across your chest.  You could also put it on your chair but then put a coat over it so it is hidden and can't be easily accessible by someone "bending down to pick something up".
  • Keep Your Purse at Home:  I know, this sounds goofy and silly, but it can be done.  I lost my purse about 14 months ago and since then, I haven't used one.  My phone goes in my pocket and inside my phone is a secret storage compartment that holds my license and a credit card.  There are tons of styles out there but the one I picked is below.

Now, if you are someone who has the sticky fingers, I am telling you this in my Mom Voice - Knock it off! 

The good news is that the individuals who stole Carrie's wallet were seen on some video footage at a Rochester Walmart. I don't have the picture right now but my co-workers at KROC News are checking with the Rochester Police Department to see if that is available.  Finding the individuals won't take away the headache but if they are caught, hopefully, they will stop stealing from others and causing more headaches.

Do you have any tips to help keep your personal items safe?  I'd love to hear about it. Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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