Every Friday we ask you to tell us something good...and today one of your moments of good made us lough out loud. I think you'll love it.

From GabeAndrea Watson -

Good things?

My 6lb Yorkie didn't get run over when he slipped through the slats of my fence right when the town sheriff drove by, all while ice slipped off my porch and landed on my 3 yr old daughter's head, so I was distracted with her.

She was ok.

Dog was ok.

Oh..and one of my kids managed to flood water from my kitchen sink to the basement and ..well. It was a mess. Long story..it started with me trying to fix the sprayer hose. I didn't. But its ok. At least it wasn't salsa and shattered glass down my stairs.

Been there. 😒

Almost all my kids are sick..but on the mend.

Oh, and my son bought a car today! It's pretty..and red. Please don't get pulled over.

Check out the rest of the good news. Sure to make a blah day a lot better.

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