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Wednesday, February 24, 2021 is National Tortilla Chip Day and while the chip alone is a marvel (salty, crunchy goodness) there is no higher calling for a tortilla chip than to be called upon to be part of Nachos.

There are fast food versions of Nachos. Some are partial to Taco Johns, others prefer Taco Bell's nachos, but if we're being serious here, those are but mere place-holders for the nachos you find at restaurants that really know their way around a chip of the tortilla family.

According to Yelp.com these are the Top Five Places to Get Nachos in Rochester, Minnesota. Please, get out and support local for National Tortilla Chip Day!

1. Forager Brewery



2. La Poblana

PHOTO: James Rabe
PHOTO: James Rabe

3. Coronas Taco’s

4. Taqueria EI Sueno

5. Five West


And Honorable Mentions -

El Carambas


Hefe Rojo (Surprising Hefe and not Newt's made the list, I'd think they serve the same Nachos upstairs and downstairs).

Mess Hall Tavern & Grill at VFW Post 1215 The new VFW post has great breakfasts (had them loved them), had no idea they did nachos!

10. The Compadres (wrote about Compadres opening in Byron recently). 

The Compadres
The Compadres

Wondering where tortilla chips came from in the first place?  CheckIDDay.com says,

Jose Martinez of San Antonio, Texas, is often credited as being their (tortilla chips) creator. He was the owner of the Tamalina Milling Company and came up with mass-produced masa, a type of corn flour used to make tortillas. He made tortilla chips with some excess masa.


In the 1940's Rebecca Webb Carranza "she fried misshapen tortillas and served them at a family party, where they were a hit. She began marketing them to the public, and by the 1960s the company was selling them as "Tort Chips."

in the 1960's, a guy from Frito-Lay tried a tortilla chip, liked it A LOT and by 1955, Dorito's were available all across the nation.

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We think of Nachos as Mexican food, but is it? It is! Ignacio Anaya created the dish in 1940. He was the executive chef at Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico and some ladies asked for "something different." He went to the kitchen and came back with something that eventually made it's way to Texas Rangers baseball games in the 1970's. It's called "nachos" because that was his nickname, so really it should be "Nacho's." (Source)

What Ignacio invented is a far cry from how we eat them today. In fact, you wouldn't be judged at all for thinking nacho's were invented to help Minnesota Vikings fans enjoy the game no matter how the Vikings are doing. Are there foods that are distinctly Minnesotan? You betchya.

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