Staying in Rochester this weekend to celebrate National Fry day? Cool, I have just what you need. A poll of Y-105FM listeners found the Top Five Best French Fries in Rochester (just in time for National French Fry Day!


  1. Glynners - Hands down the most votes.
  2. Five Guys - This always surprises me. I have never had a good Five Guys fry. But, every year they come in the top five places to get fries.
  3. Snappy Stop - Right next to the Snappy Bull, Chicken, and Cow, drive-up only. Order the large and it'll feed your whole family.
  4. Whistle Binkies on the Lake - Is there a difference between the lake location and the north location? Everyone said yes.
  5. Grand Rounds - First year on our list. Fans said it's the light dusting of ranch flavor that kicks it up many many notches.


  • If you want exceptional love and happiness, order fries and country gravy (or chicken gravy, but NOT brown gravy. Sorry brown gravy but I traffic in #Truth). Dip away!  I especially recommend Grandma's Kitchen fries for this. Thin, crispy, boom.
  • Check out Grand Rounds National Fry Day Celebration...Dipping Sauce Flights

I've never seen this before. You get regular fries or the sweet potato fries and then a taste of all their sauces (Angry Jack tangy BBQ, Chimichurri, Honey Mustard, Scallion Aioli, and Chipotle Ranch).

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