Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Growing talk of possible immigration enforcement operations around the country this weekend has drawn the attention of Rochester officials.

The city Thursday issued what it calls a “Joint Statement on Possible Mass Deportations by Federal Agents.”

According to the city’s press release:

“The City of Rochester and the Rochester Police Department pride ourselves on being part of and a champion of a compassionate community. The Rochester Police Department does not collect or maintain information related to the immigration status of residents and visitors. Also, we do not employ or assign officers to the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Recent discussions at the federal level of implementing immigration sweeps would not involve the City of Rochester or its employees, including that of the Rochester Police Department. Please understand that in adhering to the community values of our police department, our officers respond to every call for service because it is a call from someone in our community. The officer’s response and decision making is based solely on the facts and circumstances of the incident, those involved, and its impact on our community.”