Burger King is not new to Halloween themed specialty food...and sometimes, well, always, really, it's a weird color. They've stepped up their game this time, tho. Now you might have nightmares along with the weird colors!

Starting Monday, in Rochester and around the nation, the Nightmare King will go on sale. It's just a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese, but to Halloween it up they have a freaky green bun that causes...nightmares. According to the SUPER HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC video above, it'll give you three and a half more nightmares than normal.

That sounds awful but wait. I've had no nightmares for a year. So 3 and a half times my normal nightmares is ZERO nightmares, right? Someone check my math. 0 x 3.5 = 0.

If you DO have nightmares regularly. Yikes. Put plastic sheets on the bed.

Burger King In Japan Goes Black
(Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

ALERT: There is a good chance the bun'll turn your poop a bunch of strange colors. That's based on what happened after people had the Fanta Halloween Slushie and the black burger bun from a few years ago.

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