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Rumors on Facebook have been swirling. Is there a Rochester Taco Bell that's been closed because of a bad manager? Or a wayward manager with a bag of water? Or is it a cup of water....no it's a bag. No it's a bucket. Rumors everywhere and none of them consistent.

Posted on Spotted In Rochester was this...

anyone notice if taco bell on Broadway is closed. i know after the manager was caught being a twit they had many threats towards the employees. (source)

There's literally no way to confirm the stuff regarding the manager (yeah, people will SAY it happened, whatever IT is, but in news you need at least two confirming sources), However, I did reach out to Taco Bells in Rochester and found out no...no Taco Bells in Rochester are closed because of a manager doing a thing in the place with the stuff.

However, the Taco Bell Marketplace (the one near Target North) does have a closed dining room, but the drive thru is open. They're doing an update on that location's dining room.

BTDubs, when I talked to the preferred to remain anonymous employee at Taco Bell, he said, "Isn't that just wild? Where do people come up with this stuff?"

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