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The Empire Hotel Group, which bought the Kahler Apache Hotel in 2018, changed the name to Apache Hotel, and began renovations. And now, that task completed, the hotel has been re-branded, this time as Best Western, which it was, what...three names ago.

I think. Hold on.

((James goes away, comes back a few minutes later))

Thanks for waiting. The hotel was built in 1977 as Midway Motor Lodge and has been thru a few name changes since then. Best Western, Ramada Inn, Kahler Apache, Apache Hotel.and now back to Best Western. 

It has a pretty impressive footprint...149 rooms, a pool, and more, check out the areal shot.

Google Street View
Google Street View

You won't find it on Priceline yet, and it still comes up Apache Hotel on a Google Search, but give it a bit, that'll all catch up.

FUN TRIVIA - There have been at least TWO popular nightclubs at this hotel. George Baihly built the hotel back in the day, so there was Baihly's Pub where some ballrooms are now. It was pub like, but also was a very popular spot for live bands and dancing until it became Rookie's. Eventually it was moved into the restaurant space (now known at Wildwood). 

Of course that was back in the 90's and early 2000's when people didn't really drink and party downtown like they do now.

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