Not only did the The Brentwood Inn & Suites sell for a bunch of money, but now, kinda sorta, it is owned by José Cuervo! Let me explain.

Olmsted County lists the value as $4.68 million, but it sold for over $18 million to  Agave Brentwood Hotel, LLC. Just shows how valuable property is in Downtown Rochester.  But the price isn't the thing that interests me. It's something Jeff Kiger dug up. From his story in the PB...

The Agave in Agave Brentwood Hotel refers to Agave Holdings, a developer with offices in Miami and Mexico City. It has been linked to billionaire Juan Beckmann Vidal, the chairman and majority owner of the tequila brand José Cuervo.

I STILL can't drink tequila following a month I spent in Mexico one night over 15 years ago, but I think that's kind of a cool detail.

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