Not sure if you remember earlier this summer, but I told you about this really amazing event that was going to happen three times in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.  It is called The Night Market and, well, a bunch of you read the story and basically filled up the entire area with thousands of people.  WAY more than expected!  First...thanks for reading the story and supporting this local event.  Second...because so many of you loved it the first time and COVID numbers increasing, there are some safety concerns with the event happening this Saturday, August 21st.


According to Choochoo-ca-Chew's Facebook page, they need the public to step up a bit to help keep this family-friendly event as safe as possible for everyone.  So, they are asking you to do one thing...wear a mask.  Yes, most of the event is outside but this is to "show respect for others like so many of us do in Asia."  You can read the full statement below:

The Night Market is a family friendly event with kids activities that can be crowded outdoors. I just got off a meeting with the public health department and they were really concerned about the event. I would love your help to keep this event safe for everyone (especially the kids!).
I'm asking you to wear a mask, indoors or outdoors, vaxxed or not, to show respect for others like so many of us do in Asia. Mask is not a big deal, it's just a part of life. No political agenda, it's a way we show our love and how much we care about our community.
Make this part of The Night Market experience, as all the night markets in Taiwan right now requires masks to enter. Consider this a cultural experience.
There will be hand sanitizing station/bathrooms and free disposable masks inside Mayo Civic Center & Rochester Art Center .
I would like to continue The Night Market in September, but if the spread rate keeps going up, I might be forced to cancel the event and many of our BIPOC vendors will lose a big chunk of their income. 😢
Help me share this message as broad as we can, ask your friends & family to wear masks. If you have any flu symptoms or discomfort, please stay home. 🙏
Love you, see you this Saturday 8/21 5pm-9pm at Mayo Civic Riverfront Plaza.

Easy peasy...put a mask on, show up and help support this local event.

Young friends wearing face mask doing new social distancing greet with elbows bumps for preventing corona virus spread - Physical distance and friendship safety greetings concept
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Do you know of another event happening in Southeast Minnesota?

Please, if you do, tell me!  There are so many amazing ways to help spread the word and one of my favorites is by doing videos with people, writing stories, or even helping you figure out where all of the community calendars are in town.  A community that works together is plain and simple, just better and I'd love to be part of that for you.  Find me over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or send me an email at

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Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

You gotta check out these amazing foods at the Minnesota State Fair this year!

I'm a newbie to the Minnesota State Fair so I've been soaking up everything I can for this huge event.  I think I'll need to bring a few extra bucks too because the new foods that are showing up at the fair this year are making me drool.  Go through and let me know which one is your favorite!

New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

WARNING: Drooling may occur while viewing these food photos. The great Minnesota get-together is back in 2021 and this year, they are already teasing our taste buds with photos of all the new foods that will be offered at the Minnesota State Fair. If you are ready to have your stomach growl, scroll through the pics below.

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