Dunken and I had an adventure outside of the studio the other day...and it was a yummy one; lunch at Chester's Kitchen and Bar!  (Shhh...I also found out at the lunch that there is a special phrase you can say to your server that will save you some money when you eat there for lunch...keep reading for it!)

Things have been a bit busy at the studio as we are working hard while James Rabe is on vacation.  We all gotta eat though and Dunken stopped in the studio one day before his show started and said, "we are going to lunch at Chester's Kitchen and Bar".  I have to follow what Dunken says at all times so I grabbed my coat and away we went.  :)

I've been talking about the meatloaf on the show ever since we started giving you the chance to win a $75 Chester's gift card.  I mean...it is the BEST meatloaf ever and I think the entire world should know about it.  I promised Dunken that I would let him have some of my meatloaf since I could tell that he was curious but wasn't quite ready to order it himself.  Check out the video below to see what happened with that promise:

(Drum Roll....Time for the Secret Phrase!)  On your next visit to Chester's Kitchen and Bar for lunch (sorry, doesn't work for dinner), be sure to tell your server the secret phrase so you can save 10% - "Y105FM Listener Lunch"

To win a $75 Chester's gift card, enter here.

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