What did Stewartville's Bear Cave 4th Graders do to earn the Cool Classroom award from  Y-105FM and Foresight Bank?  They helped people thousands of miles away from them AND right there in the Bear Cave, too!

High school, middle school, or grade school. Public or private. Rochester or Plainview or somewhere in Southeast Minnesota. From organizing coats drives to transforming their classroom into the Pacific Ocean, we know there are classes that are changing and helping their communities, and there are classes that are finding new ways to learn together - we want to reward them and recognize them on the air!

This month, Lynne Bussan sent in the winning nomination...

Why is this classroom the coolest?

This year we learned about the effects hurricanes and other disasters have on peoples' lives. We decided that we wanted to do something to help other students that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We chose a school that was damaged in Ingelside TX. The students researched and made presentations to educate the other students in our building.

They created a challenge to collect money donations for the Texas school. The students were asked to bring in extra change and cash to help out.

Through their efforts, we were able to raise $1,116.39! They learned that a little can go a long way. They learned that even young people can spread hope!

The award comes with $50 from Foresight Bank, and their now in the running for $500 to use in their school if they're named the Cool Classroom of the Year!

Do you know a Cool Classroom? Please, tell us about 'em now!


If your nomination is selected, we'll call you. Then we'll line up a school visit so all of us can go and celebrate the classroom together!

2017-2018 Winners

In October, we honored the eighth graders of Byron Middle School for their work to bring awareness to cyber bullying. Congrats, Byron!

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