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Boyd Huppert is a gift to Minnesota. He's up at KARE11 and he just told us the story of a woman, living alone in Minneapolis during the pandemic, and a boy living with his family next door. And even though there's 98 years between them, they've become best friends.

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Her name is Mary O'Neill and she's about to turn 100. His name is Benjamin Olson, and he's 2. And it was during the pandemic they got to know each other over the fence.

It was lonely times for Mary. Her husband long ago passed away, only one of her kids lives in the Twin Cities. She sees her every Sunday, but weekdays get long when it's just you and time.

Her neighbors are a small family, two kids and a mom and a dad. It was tough for them, too. Especially Benjamin. At 2, it's tough to have no friends.

Minnesota Nice can be the greatest thing ever. TSM MEDIA CENTER

They started meeting in the back yard, over the fence (sometimes playing cane ball, where he rolls the ball toward the fence and she whacks it with her cane and he runs after it).

After a year they became the best of friends...please, watch the video. Watch them together. Mary's energy and love for Benjamin is so obvious. You might tear up, but then, that's what Boyd does to all of us with his amazing stories.

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