Nothing is more awkward in middle school than having to ask the nurse for a tampon. I'm 31 years old and still not a fan of asking for them. Unfortunately, that's what is happening in the majority of schools. In fact, some girls are staying home to avoid that exact scenario. That is why New Hampshire's Governor has signed a bill to make stocking the bathrooms a requirement.

All female and gender-neutral bathrooms in New Hampshire middle and high schools will be stocked with free menstrual products. His goal with passing the law is to help "ensure young women can learn without disruption and free of shame or stigma." So that brings me to my next question - should Rochester schools be doing this too? Or even bigger, all Minnesota schools? I think yes!

Might I add, that restaurants, gas stations, and more should stock up too? It doesn't need to be free, but it would be nice when you're in a pickle to be able to grab one quick. I always seem to find the places that don't have the machines in restrooms when I'm "in need." Just saying, help a lady out.

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Source: KARE 11

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