I read about this man in Sioux Falls and couldn't believe it. And you shouldn't either.

According to the Sioux Falls Headliner, the guy was arrested because he was hanging outside a WalMart and making fun of people and playing the Benny Hill Theme every time someone slipped on the ice. What's the Benny Hill Theme?

And then I read this and realized...

“We arrived on the scene to something very disturbing. After my partner and I slipped and fell on the ice, we heard that ‘Benny Hill’ song. You know, the dunn dun dunnndunn funny song that plays when people are in funny chases? Anyway, we got up and arrested the man after a small chase around the squad car with that song still playing,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with. (source)

Awwww, this didn't happen! It's a prank story! LOVE IT!  I was totally sucked in by the headline. You too?

Speaking of ice...click to read: Ice Jam Flooding Concerns on Mississippi in SE MN

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