Life is a whole lot better when we are laughing with friends.  And lucky for you, a local business in Rochester, Minnesota is bringing a well-known comedian to the Med City so you can actually do a little LOLing.


Check Out The Comedy Show Happening in Rochester, Minnesota!

Not sure if you've stopped in at the newer business in Rochester called Janky Gear, but it is a pretty cool place.  It is a consignment store that opened up for shopping in June of 2021 and is full of new to you outdoor gear!

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Now they are adding another bit of fun to Rochester (and one you can laugh at!).  On Thursday, July 21st, Janky Gear will be hosting a comedy show.  Here are a few of the fun details to know in case you are ready for a laugh:

  • WHEN: Thursday, July 21st
  • WHERE: Janky Gear at 204 North Broadway, Rochester, MN (get directions here)
  • WHO:  Everyone is invited to hear headliner Mark Masters (Learn a little bit more about Mark below!). According to an e-mail that I got, Eric, who many know from the Rochester Janky Gear store, also loves making people laugh and will be on stage first warming up the crowd.
  • COST: Get tickets for $10 in advance or show up the night of the event for $15.

A little bit about Mark Masters, the Comedian coming to Janky Gear in Rochester, Minnesota

If this is the first time hearing the name Mark Masters, here are a few fun facts about this comedian that will be making people laugh in Rochester.

  • He is NOT on Facebook or Instagram (which is why I couldn't find him there)
  • According to his website, he is the 2nd cleanest comedian in Colorado.
  • He has a weekly online showcase called the Comedy Test Kitchen
  • You can laugh a little now by watching his YouTube videos.
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