I don't know how this is possible, but 24,000 Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Passes sold out in less than a second. And I think Spaghetti Scalpers are to blame.

We’re talking milliseconds but it feels up there with the quickest," said Jessica Dinon, a director of brand communications at Olive Garden owner Darden Restaurants. “Every year, we see that the sale is over in an instant so it really is hard to know, but without any supporting data, this feels like it’s among the fastest.

I tried to buy one this year, so I could attempt an upgrade to the Lifetime Pasta Pass, where the pass is good until your lifetime ends. I wasn't fast enough. Who was fast enough? People eager to sell them on eBay, that's who. Spaghetti Scalpers!

You wanna buy it? Just click. Sucka.
You wanna buy it? Just click. Sucka.

Priced anywhere from $125 (modest profit) to $499, you'll find plenty that went right up to ebay. What kinda sucker would pay almost $500 for something you would have to use constantly to get your money's worth?

Is it mean I kinda hope these secondary market sellers lose money on the deal?

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